North Shore Grindz

This summer we're spending our free time up country (when the surf's small in town). After a day of swimming, snorkeling and shell picking we like to fuel up at some of our favorite spots.

Most people associate the North Shore with big surf, beautiful beaches and garlic shrimp, but there's so much more! Oahu's North Shore has become a destination for fresh, organic, non-gmo produce. For residents and visitors alike - delicious healthy food can be found at every corner.

So if you're up country and looking for some local friendly eats here are our suggestions:

Pupukea Grill:
Directly across the street from one of the best snorkeling spots on the island, Sharks Cove, Pupukea Grill is an unassuming lunch wagon serving some super delicious grinds. This spot is a favorite of pro surfers, lifeguards, locals and visitors. Just last week we shared a table with Da Hui's Uncle Eddie. Gnarly!  No matter how many times we go, we're never disappointed. Except if they're closed! Make sure check out their Instagram account for their hours and specials.

The Beet Box:
The Beet Box is tucked away and easy to miss, but please don't!! This spot is the best for vegetarian/vegan dishes as well as raw juices and smoothies. Tacked on to the back of Celestial Natural Foods market, The Beet Box is North Shore's only organic vegetarian cafe. When you walk in you feel like you're eating at a friends house. Do your body a favor and stop in for some groovy eats.

Opals Thai Food:
We can't say enough good things about Opals. Opal himself started off making restaurant quality Thai food out of a food truck in Haleiwa with his wife and young son. Nowadays his brick and mortar restaurant is standing room only with hour long waits. Don't be deterred!! Opal's is a truly unique experience and the best Thai food on the island. The long wait has something to do with the fact that Opal takes each table's food order personally. Despite being handed a menu when you sit at your table, Opal usually orders for you based on a series of questions. If you're feeling adventurous - go to Opals.

Waimea Farmer's Market:
If you don't feel like committing to one eatery, check out the Waimea Valley Farmer's Market to get a wide range of tastes from the North Shore. Every Thursday at 3 pm the Waimea Valley nature center opens up to the hungry public. People come for the food, live music, arts and crafts and gorgeous scenery. Bring a towel or blanket and have a picnic on the grass among the tropical flowers and roaming peacocks.

Outdoor Friedrichshafen 2014

The 22nd Summit of Outdoor Business was held in Friedrichshafen, Germany July 10-13, 2014. This event takes place in the local convention center and has approximately 13 convention halls with over 9 exhibitors from 42 countries. Additionally there are over 21,000 trade visitors from 93 countries. We had distributor representation from Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia and Switzerland in our booth. The distributors use this event as an opportunity to meet existing clients and potential new clients. Between the three distributors present, they had approximately 30 meetings with Key accounts in their regions. Additionally, we had meetings with potential distributors for UK, Spain, Germany, Dubai and South Africa as well as media.

Honolulu Fish Fry 2014

This past weekend’s fourth annual Aloha Boardshop Fish Fry was a doozy. Held at the historic birthplace of modern surfing, under the watchful eye of Duke Kahanamoku. This year’s contest featured 30 teams competing for schwag bags and bragging rights during a fun south swell . The rules are simple: surf together with your team, ride a random board based on a number you pull and have fun!

About 10 minutes before your heat begins, you pull a random number from a hat. That number is assigned to a surfboard in a stable of locally shaped fish-style surfboards. The surfboards are abstract shapes, twin fin or four fin, short, wide and weird! You never know what you’re going to get and sometimes it might not be that functional. Adding to a spontaneous time in the water.

Some teams are made up of families, friends or both making the time surfing together a fun experience instead of a competitive one. It’s a like a super session with only you and your friends in the lineup! Your goal as a team is to put up as many points as possible for waves ridden, so you want to make sure everybody on your team gets good waves and cheers each other on. The conversations between team members mid-heat is an exhilarating combination of seriousness, excitement, encouragement and laughter. Those adjectives are what surfing is all about, making the Fish Fry a special event considering that Queens is Duke Kahanamoku’s home break.