Kia’i II


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Kia'i II

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Vegan Friendly
Our vegan friendly footwear offers the durability, traction and support you expect from OluKai while using 100% high­quality synthetic materials, 0% animal products.

Water Resistant
Lightweight, quick drying, breathable and durable materials built for in and around water.

Hawaiian Lifeguard Association
A portion of proceeds goes to the HLA Junior Guard Program, introducing water safety, first aid and surf rescue techniques to thousands of kids across Hawaii.

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Customer Reviews

4 Reviews

  • I have had the original KIA’I in gray. Absolutely love them. I have owned most of the major brands of sandals thru my life and I have to admit.,I am OCD with OLUKAI brand of everything. Within the first week of owning, I went back to retail store and purchased the KIA’I trainers. They have replaced a good portion of all my running and cross training shoes. I have the wonderful process of beginning to look for a new pair of OLUKAI sandals. Needless to say the new/old pair I currently own still,rock and are a go to always. Just looking to add to the collection. Thank you OLUKAI for being there.

  • (KIA’I II).
    These ARE awesome slippas! I bought my first pair while long lining for “Big Eye Tuna” in Oahu. They lasted for over two years! I wore them almost every day for that two year period. I just got my second pair today, and I must say I am a little disappointed with the changes. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? The HLA and Hawaiian island chain insignia used to be embroidered as did the red and yellow accents along the straps. Now only the makau is embroidered? It’s not like I paid any less for this pair of slippers than the last pair! The footbed is different as well. I will wear these and use them just as hard as I did my last pair and see if they hold up as long. Hopefully OluKai hasn’t skimped where it counts. I absolutely Loved my last pair and hope I will enjoy these just as much. We shall see.

  • These are awesome flip flops. I bought mine while on vacation in Waikiki from Australia. I have problems with my arches. These are so comfortable! Definitely my favorite footwear. I will be back for more. highly recommended.

  • Buy these. I am retired in VA and have tried almost all flops. These are my go to pair. And I wear them all year long. I prefer them over the ‘Ohana Leather.