Kia'i Trainer II

translation: guard



Dark Shadow/Deep RedNeutral Grey/Pacific Blue



    Built for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association, the Kia'i Trainer is constructed for the guards' rigorous training demands from wet sand to lava rock filled trails. A portion of the proceeds go to the HLA Junior Guard Program.


    Vegan Friendly
    Our vegan friendly footwear offers the durability, traction and support you expect from OluKai while using 100% high-quality synthetic materials, 0% animal products.

    Water Resistant
    Lightweight, quick drying, breathable and durable materials built for in and around water.

    Removable Footbed
    OluKai footwear is designed as the perfect environment for your foot. With this in mind, we have crafted our footbeds to be easily removable and washable.

    Hawaiian Lifeguard Association
    A portion of proceeds goes to the HLA Junior Guard Program.

    Customer Reviews

    47 Reviews

    (5.0 Stars)

    The most comfortable ever. After an extensive search for a new cross trainer I settled on the Kia'i Trainer II. They are the most comfortable and heel protective shoe I've ever owned and they look great too. I use them for hiking power walking and working out in the gym. When this pair wears out I'll definitely buy another. My normal shoe size is 10.5 but the 11 in these fits perfectly.

    (5.0 Stars)

    I have got one of the old models of this shoes and looking forward to get this one's once I arrive to Kauai! The Best shoes for hiking, trekking and exploring!

    (5.0 Stars)

    Most comfortable athletic shoe I have ever purchased. Sturdy sole works well for hiking too.

    (3.0 Stars)

    typical running shoe I bought these to replace a pair of Olukia trainers that I got a few years ago and they sadly don't make those anymore. These have a big heel that I don't like. feels like a standard running shoe. and they squeak a little when walking indoors. I liked the old speed laces better too. The shoes are ok but just ok.

    (5.0 Stars)

    It is a blessing I have neuropathy and need to wear different shoes daily. I have 4-6 pairs that I wear for comfort and this is one of the six. They are the most comfortable that I wear. I am a shoe fanatic. I have a lot of shoes ( over 50 pair) and all are higher end shoes of of $200-350. The true test is how badly your feet feel the next morning. My feet feel best the morning after I wear these shoes. P

    (2.0 Stars)

    olukai fan but I'm a real fan. I own six pair of Olukai shoes and 3 pair of sandals and this trainer. The trainer was the first I ordered true to size all others I needed a size smaller than I normally wear. I found the heel and soul to soft and spongy and lacking in arch support. My knees bother me if I wear them on hard surfaces so they are relegated to yard work.

    (5.0 Stars)

    I have flat feet and find it hard to find some decent trainers but the Kia'i Trainer is amazing. And, they are great trail shoes. I just got back from some wonderful hikes in Lake Tahoe and these shoes worked amazing on the different terrain.

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