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The classic `Ohana is your go-to choice for simple everyday style.

UPPER Water-resistant, synthetic nubuck leather. Ultra soft, quick-drying jersey knit lining. Soft nylon toe post.

FOOTBED Anatomically contoured ICEVA drop-in footbed. Compression-molded EVA midsole.

OUTSOLE Non-marking rubber outsole. Razor-siped edges for additional traction on wet surfaces.

FEATURES Laser-etched logo. 


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Customer Reviews

15 Reviews

  • I presently own three pair in different colors. These shoes have an amazing damage return policy. I bought a pair and they slightly tore between the toes. They were probably about 9 months old. Now I wear these shoes every day rain or shine. I kept the tags and receipt and returned the shoes in exchange for a new pair. No questions asked. They are #1 in comfort and worth every penny. I have trouble wearing closed toed shoes, so these are my everyday shoes. I recently bought a monitor to track my steps and distance walking. I start at one end of the mall in Newport Beach and take my time to finish my 3.5 mile hike. I do this 4 days a week in my OluKai flip flops. I am also a retired grandma. I have no foot discomfort only a great feeling of achieving my goal. Thank you OluKai!

  • Became disabled after bilateral plantar fasciitis and neuromas. Post surgically, I was told never to wear slippers and shoes must be wide with good arch support. Wider shoes were comfortable, but shoes just made my toes numb and tingly with moderate pain. When you live in Hawaii slippers are a must! I was finally able to try on a pair in my size. Amazing! From the moment I put my feet in them to present, my feet and toes revel in comfort. Māhalo nui loa.

  • Love these flip flops. I’m a dog walker in Southern CA and I have bought several of these flip flops. The weather is nice almost all year round and I do this job all year round so I just grab my flip flops and off we go. They are so comfortable and have great arch support, so I wear them all the time. I usually wear them out and the last pair I bought lasted about a year and a half. They’re so light and comfortable. They are like wearing nothing and are very supportive. Will buy them again. Can’t go wrong!!! Aloha!

  • I LOVE these sandals! I have plantar fasciitis and cannot walk without pain. Found these ‘Ohana‘s while on vacation. I was able to walk and shop for the entire time without pain. I didn’t wear any other shoe the entire vacation! I ended up buying two more colors. My sister also bought two pairs. They are absolutely the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned!!!

  • Best flip flop ever. I have had chronic foot problems my whole life (I am 51), but these are so supportive and great for a person with a high arch. I love all the colors. These are high quality shoes at a great price.

  • I’m a flip flop girl on the weekends. But my legs tend to tire out from no support. Tried these while in Key Largo. OMG!!! I want a pair in every color. They have so much support. I feel like I’m wearing a support slipper. They are the best. They wear well. If I get them wet they dry quickly. Oh by the way. This flip flop girl is 67 years old!

  • I thought I was doomed to a summer of ugly sandals because everything out there that is trendy are so bad for my feet! I was given these to try at a local store and I am so happy with them!

  • I love these flip flops. Bought my first pair in Key West and they were so comfortable to wear while doing a lot of walking. I’ve tried other brands and didn’t like them. OluKai are the best. The arch is just right. I would recommend these to anyone.

  • I bought these sandals recently at a running store in Washington, DC. The sales advisers stated that they were a “recovery sandal” with more support then standard. AND he was correct! They are great sandals. While I run marathons, right now I am doing double centuries on the bike and these are such a great after ride sandal. I also like others who have reviewed these, have a bad back and getting up in the morning is always a painful challenge. I put these on as soon as I get up and it really helps lessen back pain and soreness. I never go barefoot anymore, but rather put these on and it helps! A great sandal and the first of many more for me!

  • I have a bad back and I was having trouble walking. A year ago on Kauai I found these flip-flops and the lady in the store wore them herself and swore by them because of her back. I took a chance even though I never wear flip-flops since breaking my ankle 25 years ago. I can walk again and I will never be without these flip-flops again. They help my back so much I wear them everyday. I am 73 years old and feel young again!

  • I have bought these for several years now and will not wear anything less. Years ago, I bought them at a place which offered layaway and I was sold. The arch support can’t be beaten and they have to be the very best sandal in the business. I have bought three or four pairs in total. So glad I took the chance! I will continue to be a loyal customer.

  • I have always had a problem with plantar fasciitis. Sometimes it will flair up and I can not wear anything but my OluKai flip flops. I have 3 pair of them and I absolutely love them!!! They are comfortable and offer amazing support! Thank you so very much for making these flip flops! I also love the new colors

  • Bought a pair on sale at my local retailer, and they didn’t survive being mangled by stray dogs that somehow got into the gated yard. Otherwise, love the arch support and great for going to the store and back. Not what I would wear all day, but better than conventional slippers/flipflops/etc.

  • I got a pair of these at a shop in Hawaii on our vacation 2 years ago, and they are the most comfortable flip-flops i have ever owned. They are also super durable- my dog once chewed on them and they barely had a scratch! definitely recommend these!

  • Bought these while I was in Honolulu in April. I have a injured ankle which normally doesn’t allow me to wear thongs but these I can wear all day and feel comfortable with only slight pain. I will be buying these again and I even bought home a spare pair for when the 1st pair wear out.
    Thanks you for making these the most comfortable out there.