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About Hikianalia

Hikianalia is the companion sailing canoe of the iconic Hōkūle‘a and summons the wayfaring wisdom passed down by its Hawaiian ancestors to navigate the sea. Hikianalia and Polynesian Voyaging Society crew members pair this traditional knowledge with state-of-the-art eco-conscious tech to accomplish long-distance deep-sea voyages — all without relying on modern day GPS.


Her California journey is a continuation of the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage, the historic three-year campaign circumnavigating the globe with a zero-carbon footprint to inspire greater environmental stewardship across continents.

Imagine: If you were to string the 500 million single-use straws consumed per day together, you could circumnavigate the planet 2.5 times more than two Mālama Honua voyages. If we move forward together, we can reverse this.

About the Voyage


It‘s 2,800 miles from Hawai‘i to California. Powered by only wind and waves, Hikianalia will cross the Alahula Kai o Maleka (“the frequented seaward path to America”) and arrives in San Francisco to participate in the Global Climate Action Summit. While making the approximately 30-day sail to California on a vessel powered by wind and sun, the crew will demonstrate the important relationship between humanity and the natural environment as the crew navigates their way to California using cues from nature, rather than a GPS or other modern navigational instruments, to guide the way.

The crew is planning to sail Hikianalia through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a gyre of marine debri particles in the central North Pacific Ocean, to bring attention to the critical need to protect the world’s oceans. The crew will take water samples and track the marine debris in this area. The canoe will also sail into San Francisco Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge on September 16th. After engaging with communities in the Bay Area, the canoe and crew will head to San Diego, making stops along the way before returning to Hawai‘i in December 2018.

Hikianalia Sandal

To commemorate this voyage, we have created a limited edition leather sandal. Laser-etched footbed graphic depicts not only the proud canoe, but also the reflection in the ocean of the star line Kaiwikuamoʻo and the constellation Hānaiakamalama – a guiding light of ancient navigators for finding the Hawaiian Islands.


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