The Anywhere Aloha Story Returns to Miami

Kamea and Tati

Two years ago this fall, we brought together Tati Suarez and Kamea Hadar to share the spirit of Aloha in Tati's home, Miami. Highlighted in this Anywhere Aloha story, these artists created a beautiful piece inspired by the Polynesian Goddess Hina, who guides all who travel the open seas.

Now they are back together again, this time in a different part of Miami, but with a similiar mission of sharing the Aloha spirit and sharing their cultural heritage through art. Their new piece again draws on the heritage of both artists, featuring cultural influence from Hawaii, Brazil, and Miami. Located along the water, near the mouth of the Miami River, this work depicts two spirits that inhabit and protect the river and surrounding area. These two spirits are wearing a Haku Lei, the traditional headdress of Hawaiian culture, tying back to Kamea’s Hawaiian roots and the sharing of the Aloha spirit here in Miami.

Tati Painting In Miami

This piece also carries cultural significance for the Miami area. “I’m excited because it allows us to bring public art to a different community with equal cultural and historical significance. It’s important for me as a local to encourage people to explore these overlooked yet vital parts of Miami,” explains Tati. This is the first piece in this area, and Tati hopes that it will help to inspire creativity and artistic expression along the river.

Miami Mural Paint MixingTati at work on the details

Says Tati, "I’m stoked to wrap up the year painting alongside a friend who introduced me to what it means to live with Aloha."

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Photos by @PeterVahan and @GerryMtz