Photo Gallery: POW!WOW! Hawaii

Co-Director Kamea Hadar at work

POW!WOW! Hawaii is wrapped - it was a colorful week filled with creativity, community, and a lot of art. We've collected a few of our favorite photos in this journal - enjoy!

Welcome to Lana Lane

Welcome to Lana Lane - the headquarters and heartbeat for all things POW!WOW!

Tools of the Trade Focused on the details Wooden Wave at work

We spent Wednesday with our good friends Wooden Wave as they joined POW!WOW! for their fifth year.

Wooden Wave through the palms Saving Banksy Premiere

It was a packed house as we premiered the documentary Saving Banksy on Thursday night in Kaka'ako.

Screening of Saving BanksyQ & A at Saving BanksySaving Banksy PremiereOn the lift In Progress In Progress Night Moves Finalized Mural Shots POW!WOW! flowers Cruising Kaka'ako Mr. Jago's work Checking out the artworkAnywhereAloha Over Kaka'ako