Q&A with Lindsey Higa

Introducing Lindsey Higa (left), a native Hawaiian with a unique twist on fashion. Lindsey is well known for blending street style with laid-back island vibes, which she uses to inspire followers of her blog Pineapple Ice. We were fortunate enough to collaborate with her on our recent Sneaker Campaign. Let's get to know her! _40A4255_RC_EDIT_01_V1_rgb


How does Hawaii influence your style?

Living in Hawaii totally influences my style. Our warm weather and casual and relaxed lifestyle calls for breezy and cool clothing on the daily. More than half the time I feel like I live in my bathing suit (which I don't mind), but after living in San Francisco for 6 years it's definitely a challenge to constantly be creative in putting outfits together without being able to layer. I try to stick to the basics, while always staying cool and comfortable!

Favorite hangout spots/stores? Especially old-school ones related to the shoot.

Oahu has so many great hangout spots. We spend a lot of our weekends on Waimanalo beach because it's such a breathtaking view. I love picking up fresh poke and poi at the Co-Op and eating it down at the beach.


Where do you draw inspiration? 

I draw most of my inspiration through social media. I'm constantly on Pinterest and Tumblr trying to keep up with the latest editorials, street style, and trends. My personal style is definitely influenced from the fashions I see abroad.

What is your favorite everyday OluKai product and dress-up OluKai product?

Luana is my favorite everyday shoe. I have them in almost every color! They're perfect for when I'm on my feet all day because they're so incredibly comfortable! The 'Upena is my favorite dress up sandal. I have them in the Pewter color which is perfect for night time looks!

_40A4431_RC_EDIT_01Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I'm a pretty open book, but if you don't know me well you probably wouldn't know I'm really into yoga. I spend a lot of my time at the studio doing sometimes 2 classes a day. I've been practicing for about 6 years now, and it's definitely been life changing mentally and physically!

What can you not leave without or what do you take with you every day.

There's so many things I can't leave the house without! Recently I've started using this line of amazing all natural facial oils from Maui. Because I'm usually hitting the beach or going to yoga, I carry a small bottle in my bag wherever I go so my skin stays hydrated after workouts and the beach!


Thank you, Lindsey!