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SIZE We recommend ordering a half size smaller than what you would typically order

UPPER Lightweight and breathable air mesh upper lined with soft moisture-wicking Dri-Lex® microfiber.

FOOTBED EverFit, long lasting anatomical contoured footbed with Dri-Lex® microfiber cover. Removable and washable.

OUTSOLE All weather rubber outsole with heavy gauge sidewall stitch. Non-marking rubber.

FEATURES Versatile Drop-In Heel™ for shoe and slide functionality, hand-sewn seam stitching, gore fit panels, and embroidered logo details. 


Drop­In Heel™
Our Versatile Drop­-In Heel™ offers both shoe and slide functionality for effortless island living.

Removable Footbed
OluKai footwear is designed as the perfect environment for your foot. With this in mind, we have crafted our footbeds to be easily removable and washable

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  • I bought the Nohea Mesh for the beach, but they have become my everyday shoes because they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. I have plantar fasciitis and the insole provides support and cushions my heel so well. I haven’t had any foot pain since I started wearing them daily.

  • First let me say how much I love these shoes! I work in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at a children’s hospital in Virginia. I have been searching for a pair of comfortable shoes for a long time, and after seeing one of our new physicians (who just moved here from Hawaii this year) wearing some OluKai slip-ons, decided to give these a try. I have not been more happy with shoes on my feet. They have completely removed the foot fatigue that is so common from being on the hospital floor for 12 hours or more. Thanks for making a great product, I wish my whole staff was wearing these so their feet could be as happy as mine.

  • Best shoe ever, hands down.
    Washable too, which is epic, ordering my second pair right now.

  • I came very close to pulling the trigger on buying a pair of these shoes. Then I read the reviews posted here and decided I better wait to see of OluKai has taken any corrective action to bolster the area in the toe where many reviewers state the stitching comes unraveled. I know OluKai is monitoring this board so it would be great to hear directly from them regarding what, if any, steps they have taken to address this issue.

    • Aloha Chris! Thank you for reaching out to us. Please contact us at and we would be happy to forward your information on to our production team and they will get in contact with you. Mahalo, OluKai Customer Care

  • Best shoe I own, by far. Maybe the best shoe I’ve ever bought. It’s that great.

  • Hands down the most comfortable shoe I own. I wear them all the time. Awesome shoe!

  • I first bought these shoes due to the fact that I wear orthotic inserts that go from my heel to under the arch of my foot made of hard plastic covered in leather. I can not wear flip flops due to this issue. I still wanted a lightweight, breathable, durable, water shoe And these are the BEST shoes yet that I have ever found! I use them as a shoe to wear around the house all day because going barefoot wrecks my ankles. Due to the design and the fabric, they are a bit looser than a gym shoe so they are comfortable if you do not need to run 5 miles. On my second pair now. I have not experienced any stitching issues after a year on the first pair. Great shoes! Keep up the great work!

  • Let me start by saying that I love these shoes. My only concern, is if you are a bare foot shoe wearer, then the tops can develop holes quickly. My pair developed holes in less than a year. Again, they are awesome, but the woven nature of the upper can wear out faster than the rest of the shoe.

  • I found OluKai from a simple Google search for men’s best flip flops and I’ve never looked back. I own 5 pair of flip-flops, and 3 pair of shoes. The Nohea Mesh are amazing. They are incredibly comfortable on the soles of my feet and the mesh provides the aeration I like to let my feet breathe. I cannot imagine anyone finding these shoes anything but “Pure Comfort”.
    I told a buddy at work about the sandals and shoes at OluKai. He was a bit hesitant at first but after first wear, he was hooked. I clicked on these shoes today to buy another 2 pairs and I decided to write this review.

  • Super comfortable. First pair would like another pair but stitching on seam is coming apart on left big toe. Hard to return to Maui store when we live in Nevada.

    • Aloha Jim,

      Thank you for your feedback. We will contact you directly with our warranty policy, since you are unable to return to the original store.
      OluKai Customer Service

  • These shoes are super comfortable, breathable and are my go to shoe because so. I have had them for a year and unfortunately they are loosing their upper support as they have stretched.

  • The fit is a little funky and the “drop-in” heel is not really functional. They’d be better off making a true slide version.

  • Disappointed I got these a few months ago and I have stain marks on them. I didn’t think they would look like this after a few months.

  • Awesome shoe in comfort and style…have three pair now…I’m keeping two pair (different colors) pristine for work because the other pair are stained on the mesh.

  • These are awesome… Super breathable by the toes, feel the breeze between your toes, the drop in heel is super useful for taking dogs out side, going into friends houses, checking mail, tending garden… These are great!! And styling to boot…

  • I love these shoes (have black and light blue) but after wearing the shoes only a few times the mesh on the left foot has worn thru right at my big toe! The first time I thought it was a fluke but when it happened again…..
    I know the mesh is somewhat delicate and can live with them wearing out in a year or two but to only be able to wear them 5-6 times is really a waste of money.
    I have other OluKai’s without the mesh top and they are fine. I can’t believe my big toe is that menacing!

    • Aloha Steve!
      We will contact you directly with our warranty information. It seems like this trouble with your shoes should be covered by our warranty.
      Mahalo, OluKai Customer Care

  • Great shoe…at first…then the mesh seems to stretch and shoes don;t fit well.

    I have 3 pairs of these and all do the same, stretch so bad they are hard to keep on your feet!

    Solution is to wash in hot water, but the longer they go, the faster the stretch.

    Other than that, a 10+…I now see a Sport version with a elastic band over foot…I’m trying that.

    Yes, I do have wide feet, maybe it’s me 😉

  • Finally I’ve found the ultimate slip on for a wide foot. These are so unbelievably comfortable right out of the box. Plus, being vegetarian I love that these are animal free. I can see many more pairs of these in my future. Keep making these Olukai makers. Thanks for the sweet shoe.

  • I own 6 pairs of OluKai. Although I love all of my shoes, these have to be my favorite. Very breathable and extremely comfortable.

  • have three pairs of your shoes…The mesh has worn out in both pairs at left big toe within a few wears..I have canvas ones and they are holding up much better. Still wearing the mesh with my toe sticking out..Too comfortable not too…Wish they would last longer for $85 though but love the breathability.

    • Aloha! Thank you for your feedback. Your footwear must be defective. We will contact you directly with our warranty details. Mahalo, OluKai Customer Care

  • 3 stars because the feel and “breathability” is great. I love the shoe itself and the idea behind the shoe. They do run on the big side though, as I typically wear an 11 and the 10 fits a little loosely on me.

    My biggest issue is how easily the mesh seems to stain. I am not rough on my shoes in general. I am very careful about keeping them clean and do not put them through anything abnormal in the least, however there are already 2 noticeable stains on the shoe and I have only had them for 2 weeks! I have worn them 3 times total!

    I should have taken more note when the salesman brought out the 11 and the 10 for me when I was trying them on. I was happy the 10 fit better at the time because the 11 had a stain on the mesh out of the box! I was just happy the ones that fit me did not have the stain, so I went with it, but now I am a little unhappy with this lack of durability considering the price of the shoe. I own two other pairs of Olukai’s and have never had this issue with them.

    • Aloha Garrett! Thank you for your feedback. We will contact you directly with information on how to protect and clean your OluKai footwear. Mahalo, Customer Care

  • Just received a pair of the Nohea Mesh, this is my 4th Pair of OluKai’s shoes because I love them so much. I have two pairs of the Canvas Sneakers, a pair of the leather lace ups, and now the Slips Ons. Love them so far, 1 week, but they run wide, so if you have skinny feet like I do you may want to stay with lace up still shoes. Hoping to find a way to get these slip-ons to fit better because I love all of my OluKai Shoes.

  • Be sure they feel really good before you leave the store. How they feel thru the inserts quickly change after just a few wears. I have had them only 2 weeks and after wearing them they are very very uncomfortable. I may try some different inserts to see if that helps.

  • I have two pair of the Nohea Mesh and love the comfort and style, but I too have had problems with the stitching coming apart on the right front of the school near my toes.
    I now question whether to buy anymore. I expected that the shoes would be of better quality and not come apart.

    • Aloha Doug!
      It sounds like your Noheas could covered under our manufacturers warranty. We will contact you to see if we can ship you replacement pairs. Mahalo, OluKai Customer Care

  • I have to agree with several of the reviews. It is a very comfortable shoe. I have 2 pairs and considering a 3rd pair. But I too am having the stitching at the toes starting to unravel. Very discouraging considering the price for these shoes

    • Aloha Gary! We are glad to hear that you love your OluKai’s! We will also be contacting you directly to determine if we can send you a replacement pair for your Nohea Mesh shoes.

  • I purchased mine less then 6 months ago..
    LOVE THEM.. However now they are coming apart in the toe. The sticking is coming out.. I know you will replace them (I hope) HOWEVER for a quality product THIS should not happen.. I hope you are fixing this for good !
    I am on my way to get a replacement. )By the way who keeps their receipt for a year)… I hope the store I purchased them from can look it up so i can get new ones.
    We will see what happens..
    I also own four pair of your sandals and love them!

  • First up! I love your product. I have been wearing your flip-flops for YEARS. I have always been a “between the toe” man. Most of us on the OBX of North Carolina are. I saw your Nohea mesh last spring. Bought a pair. Best money ever spent. Feel and look great. Then
    the seams at the big toe started unraveling. Replaced them with a new pair. Again, same problem. After reading your reviews on this shoe, I see that this is not your first case. I think it’s in the manufacturing. I will still continue to stand by your product. I am just a little disappointed. Cheers

  • Let me start off by saying these shoes are amazing in both comfort and style. When I first bought the pair I knew I’d go back to this shoe once they’ve worn out.

    However, the stitching on the left foot is already coming apart and my toe is dangerously close to wearing through the top of my shoe on my right foot.

    I bought these shoes in the spring, and let me give you a little background, I work out of town for 2 weeks at a time and am home for one week at a time. So these shoes get left at home while I am away and worn randomly while I am at home.

    So that is 8 weeks of total home time since purchase, even less wear time I’m sure.

    For the price I would expect these shoes to go more than a mile, my reef sandals are almost 6 years old and have finally started separating.

    So for this reason I will give these shoes 2 stars, 1 for comfort and 1 for style.

    • Aloha Devon! It sounds like this issue would be covered under our warranty. We will contact you directly to determine if we can send you a replacement pair.

  • I’ve hunted for a long time for a shoe as comfortable as these – and I knew as soon as I slipped on my Nohea Mesh that I had found my comfort shoes. So why only three stars? Simple – the stitching at the toes started unravelling within a couple weeks. The mesh simply can’t hold the stitches. For the price, I expect better. I hope that future versions of this shoe get some additional material added to that toe area so the stitching will hold. Meantime, I’ll check out some of the other OluKai’s that don’t hav the mesh

    • Aloha Rolfsf, based on your description of the issue, it appears that this would fall under our warranty. What you’re describing isn’t typical of the Nohea Mesh, so we’d like to ensure the product is within our warranty guidelines and get you a new pair.

  • I work from home and wore flip-flops everyday. I wanted shoes that I could slip on as flip-flops are not always practical. I was on vacation in Florida and picked these up at a local surf shop. I can honestly say that they my favorite (and the most comfortable) shoe that I’ve ever owned. I’ve worn these almost everyday since buying them and have an additional pair on order as well as replacement/backup insoles (which you can get from Customer Service – although they should offer them through this website) since they are so easily replaceable. As everyone says, order a 1/2 to whole size smaller than your normal show size.

  • I ordered these recently in my normal size (11) I wear with all other shoes. Like others have pointed out they do run bigger than normal. So, I’m getting a couple different sizes 1/2 to full size lower to test out. Even with that the feel of the footbed and overall shoe is like no other. I knew the second I put them on these were amazing shoes. Based on this they are five star alone. Hopefully once I get the right size and can test longevity they remain 5 star. I see this as a shoe I will always grab/wear no matter the setting.

  • I recently bought a pair of these and they are absolutely amazing. I wear a size 9 Wide and ordered the 8.5. They are so comfortable – you can walk for hours in them as I did on a recent trip to Vegas. I hesitated to give a positive review in fear that they might run out of stock. I’ll definitely be ordering a second pair. Great work Olukai!

  • This is one of those products I hope never changes. Ordering my 2nd pair after wearing the first for several months now. I agree they run larger…I normally wear a size 12, but the 11′s fit me perfectly. They breath really well and are very comfortable on a bare foot. Perhaps having an option to buy a replaceable inner footbed would be good. The mesh outer holds up really well. They are perfect.

  • I bought a pair of these at Seaport Village in San Diego and they have become my favorite footwear. Stylish and extremely comfortable! I’m thinking of ordering another pair as a reserve because every time I really like something it always seems to become phased out. I hope this isn’t the case with these shoes. I wouldn’t mind buying only these for the rest of my life. They’re that comfortable!! And durable too. So when my current pair eventually wears out, I’ll have another to slip into but that won’t be for a while. Try a pair on. You’ll see what I mean.

  • Love Olukai!!! I found Olukai about three years ago and now I can’t live without them. Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra money and buy their flip flops and shoes. I would sleep in these in these if it wouldn’t be weird!!!

  • Great shoes I have flat feet and I’m worried that the sharp arch edge might cause me some discomfort after wearing a while … However these look so awesome that I decided that I’ll power thru it.||BTW: This company’s customer service is super friendly and attentive. Kudos!

  • He loves them I bought a pair of these for my BF while on business in Oahu. At risk if they didn’t fit or he didn’t like them could have been an expensive mistake. He LOVES them and wants another pair for work he is on his feet most of the day. I bought blue as they were out of black in his size. The blue is not as vibrant as here online closer to a Navy. He said they were better than being barefoot. S

  • Unbelievable My 2nd pair of olukais – 1st are flip flops. These are so comfortable like sneakers but breathe like flip flops. You can wear to the beach on a boat or out to dinner on vacation with jeans and a golf shirt. I have terrible feet and hate having my dogs out. These are the best alternatives to flip flops I have bought in 10 years and I’ve had everything from espadrilles to leather sandals to flip

  • Classic and modern I already had a pair of the Nohea canvas – after a year they are still my go-to office shoe (I work in a casual design firm.) When I saw the new mesh version in a Manhattan beach surf shop I had to have them. I generally prefer more minimal “barefoot” style shoes and these are along that line – I might wish for a bit less of a shaped and molded arch/insole but these are VERY comfortable shoes as

  • Looks & feels great! Bought two pairs in 1 week. First pair was half a size too big so I gave them to my teenage son. We are both very happy.

  • Great shoes! I absolutely love these shoes! Wear then all the time and have many colors. They are extremely comfortable and durable. Very comfortable without socks on as well. One warning for first time buyers is that they run really big. I normally wear an 11-11.5 in every other shoe but wear a 10 in these. Well worth the money!

  • Great shoe company! This is my 3rd pair of Olukai’s. I live in California but was recently on Maui and saw these at the hotel shop – along with a bunch of other styles I had not seen. Love them all but these really spoke to me. I now have a pair of flip flops a leather slip on and now these mesh slip ons. As a long time Birkenstock owner of many styles . . Olukai is my new footwear of choice. Super all day com

  • I LOVE the Nohea Mesh!!!! I really like to buy shoes and I am always looking for that perfect combination of comfort and style. This is the PERFECT shoe! Found these at Nordstrom over the weekend and freaked out when I tried them on. My work dress code is casual and these shoes look great with nice jeans. I like that they are so light and breathable too. can’t say enough about them. Will be buying more. I am a fan.