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Wai Wai
The Value of Hawaiian Water

In partnership with our friends at Stay Wild Magazine, we created a 6 part documentary series "Wai Wai: The Value of Hawaiian Water." Follow the flow of water from the mountain top of Haleakalā, through the rain forests, kalo farms, to the near shore waters, and witness the cultural significance water has for all people who interact with it. What is WAI WAI? Pronounced, "Vai," WAI is the Hawai'ian word for water, blood, and life source. It's also become slang for income, assets, or anything of value. Water holds such value that the word is said twice, as "wai wai." You may see how we are all connected by water.

Episode 1

"As Hawaiians, so much of what we think about—when we talk about water, when we talk about land, when we talk about sacredness—has to do with kuleana: that relationship with the land, with the air, with the water, with the whole universe. It’s not a one-way street; we know it’s reciprocal."
- Kainoa Horcajo // Cultural Ambassador

Episode 2

"Without water, there would be no life. We’re made of water. We’re more water than flesh when we’re born. We’re surrounded by water when we’re in our mom’s womb. We are water."
- Kalapana Kollars, Musician

Episode 3

"The importance of water can make or break our culture"
-Kolea Fukumitsu, Kalo Farmer

Episode 4

"Wai Wai is so much more than just water. It's knowledge, and it's about source."
-Shadi Faridi, Lauhala Weaver

Episode 5

"There’s a responsibility to taking what you need, not wasting any of it, and not turning it into a single commodity for greed."
-Kimi Werner, Spearfisher

Episode 6

"It’s not caring about the planet anymore like it’s a fun thing to do. It’s really caring about humanity. Like, do we want to make it?"
-Rhiannon Tereari’i Chandler-‘Iao, Waterkeeper

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